Computer Lab

Now a-days computer has become a necessity for every child in todays world. And this is what Gyanmanjari wants their students to growth with.
Computer in GM Bhavnagar is fun as we impart education, through interactive techniques using computer CDs, LCD Projectors and Multimedia.

Our computer Aided learning infrastructure comprises more than 50 computers plus scanners, colour printers and whole multimedia kit. The LAN (local area network) connects every child with the other and also with the internet so that every child is able to access his/her own data from anywhere he/she is sitting.

This is not the end of our computer network; we have one computer each for staff room, accounts, library which is all connected through local area network. At GM the world is at single click, through access of internet.Every Academic and non academic department area is WIFI enables. we have fully active website on which results and any other news and updated other  news and updated day-to day.Parents can also ask their queries through our website.