Education is not merely preparation for life; education is life itself…!

Welcome to Gyanmanjari Vidyapith!

In June, 2006 Gyanmanjari Vidyapith had been established with the ideal thought that if the youth of the nation approaches towards the science, many problems can be solved easily.

The Vidyapith gives the experience of our ancient Ashram education system to the students. Being aloof from all the entertainment, Festivals and other extra activities, the students get the highest & best results being engaged in thorough educational programmers during the two years.


To fulfill the vision, Gyanmanjari Vidyapith provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes.


Our aim to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to produce leaders and good human being of future.

Quality Policy

All-round personality development of students.


Gyanmanjari Career Academy - Coaching students of Ahmedabad and Gujarat to secure top ranks.

Top Performers

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Facilities provided for best future!

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Now a-days computer has become a necessity for every child in todays world. And this is what Gyanmanjari wants their students to growth with. Computer in GM Bhavnagar is fun as we impart education, through interactive techniques using computer CDs, LCD Projectors and Multimedia.
Lab Facility

Lab Facility

we should keeping in a mind that practicals are the backbone to understand science. Gyanmanjari has facilitated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths under the  lab assistants. laboratory facilities for the students  bright future & development of various skills.

Play Ground

Health is Wealth. A healthy body leads to healthy mind. So Gyanmanjari provides extensive training and coaching in various sports like Athletics , Basketball , Cricket , Football , Kabaddi ,Kho-Kho,Volleyball,Table Tennis,Badminton,Chess,Caroms,Yoga,Karate, and Skating.
Solution desk

Solution Desk

Sometimes student feel fear during the lecture and he is not able ask his query. so, to help students to come out of this fear and to get their queries solved, GYANMANJARI has specially designed one system called Difficulty Solution Desk for the purpose of solution to each query.
Dining hall

Dining Hall

Since we are a school which provides self study facility after school hours,Our Trust has established huge dining facility besides the school area.We provide hygienic food with well planned menu.More important is our Trustees,all teachers and staffers take the same food with the students.


Gyanmanjari Vidyapith has 450 partially isolated self study tables in which 11-12(Sc.). students do their study during self study hours since this is a day school.


As per the need hierarchy theory or basic needs theory by greatest management personalities Abraham Maslow who gives the Human motivational theory in the world.
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

For the safety of the students the campus is covered with CCTV CAMERAS, FIRE EXTINGUISHER and well trained Security Staff.

Inside of Gyanmanjari Vidyapith!